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Healthy Eating with the Excalibur Food Dehydrator 3948CDB

Excalibur Food Dehydrator 3948CDB Review

This 9 tray Excalibur Food Dehydrator is new to the marketplace and has a number of unique features that are helpful to consumers, particularly those looking for healthier alternatives in their food and eating lifestyle choices.

This model dehydrator is also a valuable appliance for “preppers,” hunters, hikers, campers, backpackers, snowboarders and other outdoor enthusiasts that require dehydrated snacks and other dried foods for their activities and for current, future or emergency use.

Excalibur Food Dehydrator

With the 9 removable trays, numerous foods can be dehydrated in sufficient quantities such as fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, fish and game. The trays are quite handy when it comes to utilizing more than one tray for different foods and preparation times.

Dual Controls and Settings

The digital and dual controls on the dehydrator allow for not only quick and easy drying but also provide for setting of two time periods at two different temperature settings (95 degrees F to 165 degrees F). The digital aspects of the timer and temperature settings enable easy use as the dehydrator will automatically adjust once the first setting is complete and will turn off after the second setting is complete. There is even a 48 hour timer that provides for setting with no worries of manual turnoff as the unit automatically turns off when the set time is complete.

Style, Materials and Size

This box-style dehydrator that is easy to assemble. It is black in color and made of polycarbonate plastic, which is BPA free and is also free from release of harmful fumes that can be absorbed into foods. It measures 21.6 by 19.2 by 16.3 inches and weighs approximately 25 and a half pounds. The interior trays measure 15 inches by 15 inches for up to 15 square feet of drying area. A 7-inch fan on the back of the unit allows for more even level drying and also does away with the problem of food particles getting onto the fan blade and motor.


The Excalibur 3948CDB has a clear door on the front of the dehydrator that is also made of polycarbonate materials that can be taken off for both easy loading and cleaning. The see-thru door is of benefit when a food check in needed, particularly if the items that are drying require adjustment and need to meet a certain level before they are ready, such as dough and other food. Most everyone likes viewing anything through a clear window mostly out of curiosity, but they still enjoy seeing what is happening behind the door without opening it and exposing the food to outside air.

Patented Excalibur technological drying features are the highlight of this unit as both the Parallex Horizontal Air Flow and Hyperwave Fluctuation are among the most efficient in heating and drying combinations available today. There is a 10-year limited warranty on the unit as well, which indicates just how serious Excalibur is about serving customers. The wattage is 600 watts and the voltage is 110-120V, which are designed for use in the United States. An owner’s manual is included and should be read through before registering the unit with the manufacturer.

Other Uses

Besides use with the foods already listed here, the dehydrator can accommodate craft projects and various household items (no electronic devices). There are options for drying foods like herbs, spices, nuts, granola, fruit leathers and other snacks, and these particular foods should probably be used with tray liners that are available through the Optional Accessories that Excalibur offers.

The ease of dehydrating your favorite food snacks is easily accomplished with this new Excalibur unit and enjoying food prepared this way is fun when you know that quality and sound workmanship are part of this American made product.

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  1. I have never imagined owning one of these machines but it makes total sense to have one especially if you’re living a healthy lifestyle of following a specific diet. It sure sounds like a good thing to have!

  2. I’ve never owned a food dehydrator before and I never thought about getting one either. But I see how useful it can be especially if you travel a lot and you like taking food with you.

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