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When we are young, we tend to believe we won’t get any type of illnesses. Therefore we eat whatever we want and do the things we like to do. Young adults would never think about taking a trip to a health retreat. We also tend to overlook what is best for our health and nutrition factors we should be following.

As an older adult, I have found that those choices made as a young adult aren’t the best choices. I mean my husband has high blood pressure, he LOVES SALT and he salts everything including bacon and pickles! 😆 Yes you read that right. He also loves his beer! 😉 I also have high blood pressure, but mine is not from eating salt and other things, mine is from my constant worry about my husbands health!

Health Retreat, Gold Coast

Why are men so stubborn about their health? It has been a constant fight with him to tell our DR everything of how he’s feeling! However, he recently had some test done and what we thought was wrong, is perfectly fine! So he is going in for another test! It’s a serious problem when you have no idea why you feel like you do, but you and the DR know there is something not right!

As adults, you really have to watch what you eat, go to the DR when you aren’t feeling well and tell the DR everything, even if it’s embarrassing to you or if you think it’s NOT important. You also need to get rid of any stress in your life. Take a vacation to Eden Health Retreat, Gold Coast.

Eden Retreat is Australia’s longest established health retreat. Created around choice and freedom, your experience is tailored to your own specific requirements. Choose from a range of active and therapeutic options or feel free to simply unwind by the pool. At Eden, the days burst with vitality and our guests follow their imagination and choose their own path through their Eden journey.

Health Retreat, Gold Coast

Eden is a smoke-free and alcohol free retreat. Their simple, restorative approach combined with organic, healthful meals and beautiful surroundings is designed to provide guests with the best opportunity to step back into the world with a renewed sense of possibility and freedom. Whether you seek relaxation, weight or stress management, changing habits, improving fitness or just to have fun, the individual goals of guests are achieved by ensuring a personalised approach to all aspects of your stay.

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