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Having Problems Finding your Favorite Pages on Facebook?

Since Facebook’s new “Timeline” has become active, do you find yourself missing posts in your newsfeed? Are your Favorite pages disappearing from your newsfeed?  Would you like to get them back? Here is how to do just that! ♥ Please share this with your friends and you can also post it on your wall for others to see that might be missing pages to!

  • the sorting method.  At the top of your page, it says sort, click on sort and change from “TOP STORIES” to Most Recent Posts.  You will need to do this every time you get on facebook.
  • here’s a tutorial on creating a page list so you can have access to all your favorite pages.

How to Create a Page List~ See your Favorite Bloggers | It’s Free At Last

  • Another way, which maybe the best way, to ensure you see me is to COMMENT and LIKE my posts! =) It bumps me up so you can see me! It would be greatly appreciated as well!
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