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Halloween Fun with Ready Jet Go! Jet’s First Halloween

Ready Jet Go! Jet's 1st Halloween DVD

PBS KIDS series has announced their first DVD, READY JET GO!, with “READY JET GO!: JET’S FIRST HALLOWEEN.” There are four episodes on this new DVD, Jet learns all of the classic Halloween to-dos, such as carving Jack-o-lanterns, dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating. Along the way, the kids will witness a lunar eclipse and learn all about the Red Moon. The DVD has a run time of approximately 80 minutes. Episodes of READY JET GO! are also available for digital download.

Ready Jet Go! Jet's 1st Halloween DVD

Prepare to go on a journey into outer space, building on children’s curiosity about science, technology and astronomy. The series follows two neighborhood kids: Sean, who has an all-consuming drive for science facts, and Sydney, who has a passion for science fiction and imagination. They both befriend the new kid on their street, Jet Propulsion, whose family members happen to be aliens from planet Bortron 7.

The four stories on this DVD include:

“Jet’s First Halloween Part 1”
Sydney, Sean and Mindy help Jet experience his first Halloween. They come up with a list of classic Halloween to-dos, including carving Jack-o-lanterns, dressing up in costumes, and collecting candy. Celery takes the kids on a quick trip to space to see what causes a lunar eclipse. Meanwhile, Mitchell Petersen is on the case to figure out what exactly is going on with that strange Propulsion family…

“Jet’s First Halloween Part 2”

Sydney, Sean and Mindy take Jet trick-or-treating, and along the way, they learn about the Red Moon effect from some of the neighborhood scientists. Carrot and Celery turn their garage into a haunted house, which is an unexpected hit with the neighborhood. Jet and Sunspot even make Mindy’s Halloween wish come true by flying across the Red Moon pretending to be a witch and her cat on a broom.

“Diggin’ Earth”

The kids try to dig into the Center of the Earth (a la Sydney’s comic book hero, Commander Cressida), but after finding out that the center is much too hot and the layer of Earth leading up to it is solid rock, they re-vamp their plans. They decide to become the kids to dig down the deepest into the Earth. Learning about the layers of the Earth inspires Jet to make an Earth Layer Cake.

“Mindy’s Mystery”

Mindy can’t sleep one night, having been kept awake by a sweet, strong smell from outside. Sydney, Sean, Jet and Sunspot become detectives and try to crack the case of the sweet smell. At the same time, Mitchell is investigating what kept him up last night – a very bright “annoying” light. In the end, there’s a common source – the sweet smell was from a nocturnal flower, the Moonflower, which only blooms at night, after sundown. And the bright light was from the moon!

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