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Grandmas 7 Exciting and Fun Stories For Kids

grandma stories for kids

Are you looking for new stories for kids? I have put together a list of books my granddaughter likes. I’ve included an excerpt of the books as well. Grandma Stories for kids include everyday readers, educational books and Christmas books.

grandma stories for kids

Grandmas Stories for Kids

Everyday books

A Home for Sally and Everyone loves Grace books are funny stories for kids to read. If they aren’t reading yet, they are wonderful bedtime stories.

A Home for Sally – a moving story of a young poodle who longs to have a family & a forever home of her own.

Everyone Loves Grace – Grace is  part of a breed called Finnish Lapphunds. They were originally used to herd reindeer in Finland.  The Grace stories are based of a real dog and her adventures.

Completely Me – teaches kids to love themselves and others, and that everyone’s imperfections are what makes them perfect.

Creative Social Emotional Learning – Kids need to know how to handle their emotions. These books have some unique and fun items to help.  Books I received were for anxiety, frustration and anger.  Books were easy for my 7 yr old granddaughter to read by herself.

Fun Christmas Books

Oliver the Ornament series – Oliver was the very first ornament purchased by a couple. Every year, they lovingly put him on their Christmas tree and fondly remembered how the ornament came into their lives.

Kira the Christmas Elf – A heartfelt story that shares the joy of Christmas. Shows how a positive attitude is best.

Wilson and Bella’s Christmas Wish – Wilson, an adopted poodle and his dog friend Bella are on their quest to find a foster home for their canine friend Holly. The story incorporates the beauty and traditions of Christmas and provides wonderful lessons for children.

Remember, the story books you choose to read to kids aren’t as important as the time you spend with them.

I hope you found a few new books for your kids or grandkids. Start out with the easy to understand books then advance to others.  I found that was easiest with my granddaughter.

Now my granddaughter loves to read.  She’s in second grade and she has to do what they call AR point tests, which in my opinion is reading.  Anyway, she wasn’t doing all that well and now since she’s learned a few things and has had some  wonderful books to read,  she’s on point with all her AR points! YAY!

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