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All Natural Supplements make a great gift idea for anyone

More and more people are turning to working out at home, but they don’t have the knowledge of supplements to help.  Pure Synergy all natural supplements would make a great gift for those who workout. Those who count steps (like myself) and your foodie friends.

all natural supplements

workout supplements

  • For Your Health-Nut Coworker
    • For that Zoom-worker who always counts their steps and makes healthy lunches, Super B Complex is for them. Made from organic fruits and veggies this tablet is the perfect balance of all eight essential B vitamins plus three important cofactors in a potent, energizing formula.

    • Organic Kale Powder assists in detoxification, nourishes eyes and skin, and supports healthy cells. Great in smoothies or in salad dressings.

all natural supplements

  • For Your Foodie Friends:
    • Allow them to create their own yummy mocktail recipes with Pure Synergy’s Berry Power. This organic powder is deliciously sweet with no added sugar. Just 1.5 teaspoons, this powder promotes optimal heart and blood vessel health, supports the immune system, healthy skin, vision and brain function.

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all natural supplements

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