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As a frugal person I try my best to save money and cut costs where I can so we have money to do something fun and for other things we might need.  Furniture is a big purchase and it’s something we’ve been needing for over a year now! My husband and I have been discussing purchasing a Living Room set and have decided to wait until 2012.  We have semi-good furniture (stuff we purchased 7 yrs ago) so we thought we just needed a way to give the couch and sofa a makeover for now. My husband took some wood he had at work and put that under the cushions on the sofa, put we still needed something for the chair!  We saw the commercial for furniture fix and so I decided to contact them and ask if I could do a review!

Here is what the Furniture Fix can do:
“Furniture Fix the quick fix for old sagging furniture. Save money and your furniture. Weak sagging springs lead to uncomfortable sagging furniture, Furniture Fix as seen on TV provides instant support to sagging springs. So why throw out our favorite chair or sofa when you can renew it and experience great support with Furniture Fix. Easy to use, no tools required, just place Furniture Fix under sagging cushions for instant firmness. The six panels interlock instantly and are customizable to lift and fix sagging upholstery of any size. The especially designed to stand up to heavy use. Experience renewed comfort with Furniture Fix!”

My Chair fixed with Furniture Fix Slats!

I really was surprised that the Furniture Fix made the chair feel firmer and I could sit without it trying to pull me in.


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