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The Most Simple 6 Fun Toddler Must Haves for Summer

Toddler Summer Must Haves

Being a grandma to a 3 year old is fun! My granddaughter loves to play and although I am all for spending time with her and playing with her, I don’t have her energy! LOL I so wish I did though. Playing out in 92 degree weather with the heat index of 102 is not my cup of tea, but what are you going to do when those big blue beautiful eyes look at you and say “Gramma I want to go outside”. You get off your butt and go outside!

Toddler Summer Must Haves

The Most Simple Toddler Must Haves for Summer

SUNSCREEN, Scrapes and Scratch relief.

Thaumaturgic Bio Mist by Theralight: A Summer Must-Have! It relieves sunburns, and gives relief to scratches and other skin irritations. Check out our reveiw

A home snow cone machine, popsicles or ice cream!

  • We got a snow cone machine for like $20! Beats going out to a snowball place in the heat and having it melt on the way home!
  • You can buy homemade popsicle molds fairly cheap, I don’t recommend the $1 ones as those are usually so hard to pull the popsicles out of.
  • You can use ice cube trays to make different colored ice or mini popsicles
Anything dealing with water
  • A pool for them to jump in and have lots of fun while you sit and watch from the shade! 🙂
  • A Wham-O slip ‘n’ slide.
  • A sprinkler.
  • A hose to spray them with.
A Swing!

It doesn’t matter if it is a big swing set or a swing attached from a tree that will support the child’s weight, they LOVE to swing!

Remote control toys!

My granddaughter LOVES to go outside with Grampa and play with his remote control truck! She has a remote control yellow mustang that Santa surprised her with. She LOVES cars like her Grampa!


You can get a lawn mower bubble blower or just bubbles and a large bubble blower and have plenty of fun watching your kids run after the bubbles while you sit in the shade blowing the bubbles! LOL

What do you make sure you have on hand when your grandchild visits?

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