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Lots of Fun at the Irish Italian Parade in Metairie La!

Irish Italian parade

In 1983, the First Annual Irish Italian Parade rolled on the streets of Jefferson Parish as a result of the dedication and participation of many people in the metropolitan area.  For those of you who don’t know, the St Patrick’s and and Irish Italian parades throw carnival throws (beads, cups, toys, etc) however the twist to these parades are that they are allowed to throw cabbage, vegetables and fruit!  Each year there is an Irish Grand Marshal and an Italian Grand Marshal.  All the information about this parade including how to join is located here.

Irish Italian parade

Sunday, March 19th, was the Irish Italian Parade.  We left our house at noon, got home a little after 6pm.  We caught the parade twice and O My Goodness my husband and I both HURT! LOL  We are burnt and we have realized that we are not as young as we use to be!  It was a lot of fun though and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything (except rain or cold).

This is my husband, our granddaughter and myself in the car on the way to the parade.
Irish Italian parade

This is our granddaughter waiting to leave and then in her car seat ready to go get Grampa and Grama for the parade.
Irish Italian parade      Irish Italian parade

Although we only brought home 4 cabbages, we caught more like 8 or 10, we were giving them to family members who wanted them.  I gave 3 to my neighbor and kept 1 for us.  The pictures below show everything we caught with the exception of the cabbages and about a handful of beads.

We caught 8 bananas, 2 were eaten between our granddaughter and myself 🙂 19 lemons, about 14 HUGE carrots, about 10 baby carrot bags, 1 green onion, 8 onions, 6 russet potatoes, about 25 red potatoes (big and small), and 9 oranges.

Irish Italian parade

About 20 packages of Ramen noodle soups, about 10 moon pies, 8 chip bags, 4 cookies (1 pack of animal crackers), then some skittles, starbust, sour candy and fruit chews.  That straw is a pixie stick! I LOVED those as a kid!

Irish Italian parade

This is a LONG sucker given to my daughter, which grama hid from the granddaughter! LOL  The rest are toys we got for our granddaughter.  The Thomas the Train pillow pet I got for her and Grampa topped me with that huge Teddy bear! LOL She had a big smile on her face after getting that bear! 🙂  The LAE is mine, my husband got it for me. 🙂

Irish Italian parade Irish Italian parade

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  1. This looks like so much fun. I love getting fresh fruits and veggies. We would love to visit Louisiana some time I’ll be sure to check out your list of festivals. I love festivals they are so much fun.

    1. Bethany it was a lot of fun. We hadn’t gone in 3 years, the last time we went, my daughter was pregnant. One reason I like the parade is because I can get the fruit and save money! 😉 Next festival I hope to go to is Jazz and Heritage, that’s fun, lots of music and I’d love to see Maroon 5 and Usher.

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