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Fun Indoors: Activities to Keep the Family Entertained at Home

Stay-at-home parents are well-aware of the struggle to keep their children entertained daily. But as families continue to stay at home for their health and safety, everyone is starting to feel the effects of cabin fever. Now, the whole household is looking for fun family activities. Aside from giving themselves something to do, these activities provide essential bonding time for families.

Indoor Fun Family Activities

Coming up with fun, indoor activities can be challenging, especially when your kids are different ages. An activity that keeps one occupied might be tedious for the other. But once you’ve found that balance, you can start having “family nights” whenever you want.

Fun Family Activities

Catch a Show from Your Couch

Watching a play or a musical is a pleasant change from streaming movies and binge-watching series. These days, companies have started making their productions available online to reach a wider audience. This gives you a chance to introduce this art form to your younger kids without having to worry about them being too disruptive in the theater. Introduce them to classics like the National Theatre’s production of “Peter Pan” or Sight & Sound’s production of “Jesus” with this fun activity.

Tour Museums through Your Devices

Give your kids a quick history lesson on the world’s most famous artworks with a virtual tour of a museum or gallery. Many of these institutions have taken to opening these tours to people all over the world. Now, you can visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam or the Vatican Museum in Rome when you go online. Make it an interactive activity by encouraging your kids to create their own artworks after the visit.

Learn a New Craft Together

Use this time at home to pick up a new hobby together. Many people have taken to teaching themselves new hobbies to keep themselves entertained indoors. Make it a family affair by asking your kids what they want to learn.

  • Learn how to bake each other’s favorite cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats. Aside from the delicious desserts, you get to teach your kids valuable life lessons.
  • Take an online class on how to build wooden crafts. This teaches your kids the value of handcrafted items and the importance of supporting local businesses.
  • Go outside and teach your kids the basics of gardening. This allows them to have fun under the sun while learning how to care for the environment.

Hold a Party Online

Birthday celebrations don’t have to be somber occasions during this time. Invite family and friends for a virtual birthday party. There are several group games you can play through video calls, allowing you to have fun with guests even while social distancing. You can make this virtual get-together more memorable by sending guests the same meals you and your family will be enjoying. Recently, restaurants have started offering party packages for this purpose.

Use this time to get closer to your kids. Make sure neither of you is too busy with work or school; plan fun family activities for better bonding.

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