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Fun and Huggable Pillow Pets Body Pillars! #HolidayGiftGuide2015

Pillow Pets! Every child loves a Pillow Pet!  But have you heard of their new Fun and Huggable Body Pillars?

What are Pillow Pets?

Pillow Pets are a pillow and a pet in one! A cute and huggable pet that folds and pops open as a pillow. Just undo the Velcro strap, and it is becomes a full size pillow. Fold and replace the Velcro and it’s back to cuddly animal.

Pillow Pets are great for travel, overnight trips and at home to fall asleep with. Every pillow pet is unique and cute. Made of ultra soft high quality fabric and stitches are high durable and pillow pets are machine washable.

The Pillow Pets company has recently added Body Pillars which are Pillow Pet Body Pillows!

Body Pillars
Pillow Pets Body Pillars are character-inspired body pillows with caterpillar-like segmented bodies. They are are 30 inches long and are available in eight styles. Body Pillars are the ultimate in comfort and make sleeping with a stuffed animal much more fun.  Purple Cow, Black and White Cow, Green Puppy, Pink Pig, Teal Elephant, Flower Power Cat, Mystical Panda and Moose. Great for snuggling with at bedtime or taking on a long trip.

Our Opinion:
PILLOW PETS ARE THE BEST! I received the Flower Cat Pillar to review and it is absolutely adorable! My granddaughter loves to lay on her big animals like the reindeer that Santa brought her last year and the Rabbit the Easter bunny dropped off, so I have no doubt in my mind she will love this flower cat body pillar and lay on it while watching her favorite shows.   I recommend any item from the pillow pet company for any age or gender. The Pillar is so soft, cute and cuddly, it almost makes me want to order the puppy for myself!

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You can purchase Pillow Pets on Amazon and on the Pillow Pets Website.

Body Pillars

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Body Pillars

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