Freebie & Promotion Disclaimer Policy

Disclaimer Policy

Modern Day Gramma Disclaimer Policy is as follows.

Modern Day Gramma does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy, including but not limited to changes or the discontinuance of a product, freebies or offers made by any of the partner sites displayed on it’s site or by any other method including but not limited to email.

Modern Day Gramma is NOT responsible if any company discontinues any promotion.

Modern Day Gramma is not responsible for free samples, free magazines, any promotions that do not come.

Modern Day Gramma is not responsible for any damage to your computer from visiting these sites. You visit these sites at your own risk! You should have a GOOD anti-Virus program.

Modern Day Gramma is not responsible for any harm that could come to anyone who uses these promotions, freebies, recipes, etc.

Modern Day Gramma is not responsible for any third party emails or spam that you may receive after signing up for any site.

The hints and tips and home remedies posted by me are to give you information only

  • I have not tested each and every tip I post
  • I am not responsible of any damages that might occur when using these tips
  • Please use your own judgement when using the tips
  • READ the directions & terms of any and ALL offers you sign-up for!

This blog contains links to other websites. All external links contain content which is not endorsed or controlled by Modern Day Gramma. All information that you submit on other websites is done so at your own risk. Please be sure you read the “Privacy Policy and the directions & terms” of each website you visit BEFORE submitting any information in order to get a free sample or take advantage of a promotion.

Not all offers are free. I “do not” guarantee the offers listed, are completely free, or free at all. I can not make any guarantees that you will receive the free samples that you request. I do not mail out free samples, magazines, etc myself.

I do not guarantee the accuracy of the information I present simply because it is impossible for me to keep track over thousands of posts updated daily. I welcome your feedback and your assistance in updating the information I present. I will correct any errors as I discover them or as they are brought to my attention.

This is my personal Reminder on Freebies

1.) I have checked out these links and have ordered several if not all the freebies listed.
2.) If any of the links are not clickable, please copy and paste them into your browser.
3.) If they ask where you heard about the freebie, please say a friend told you.
Some companies will not send you their freebie if you tell them a freebie group/site.

Please contact me if you have any questions.