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Request a FREE Diabetic Living Magazine Subscription

FREE Diabetic Living Magazine

Calling ALL Diabetics! The FREE Diabetic Living Magazine Subscription offer is back! Request this freebie by filling in the form, and you will get a one-year (4-issues) subscription FREE! That equals to 1 magazine per season (winter, spring, summer and fall)! Please allow 6-8 weeks.

No credit card info is needed and you will never receive a bill – no strings attached! If you don’t work outside the house, just select employees 1-4, and retired, homemaker, other or none for all the rest.
FREE Diabetic Living Magazine

Diabetic Living is the only lifestyle magazine that demonstrates how to live every day to the fullest while managing diabetes. The magazine addresses a variety of lifestyle and health concerns for all ages. Each issue includes information on delicious diabetes-friendly recipes, weight-loss strategies, blood glucose monitoring tips, a sense of community for readers who want to take responsibility for their diabetes and more. Start your subscription today!

Example on how to fill it out.
FREE Diabetic Living Magazine Subscription

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