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Flex DANI Silver Shimmer Stylish Shoes

Stylish Shoes

Do your kids need new shoes for school, sports or the holidays?  Check out PediPed, they have stylish shoes for kids in every size and style.  The Flex Dani Sneakers have an all natural rubber sole, so she can’t slide.  They are a stylish sneaker for kids with mesh lining so she can wear them for anything. Are created from man made material and natural leather on the upper part of the shoe. They feature the Flex Fit System which allows you to adjust the fit of the shoe.  And they are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development.

Stylish Shoes

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To clean: There are 2 ways to clean the leather. 1 is to wipe clean with mild soap and water. 2 is to use baby wipes. Any kind will work.
To protect: Polishing will help prolong their life and may remove unwanted marks, such as scuffs and scrapes.

To clean: Gently rub with a damp cloth and mild soap, then allow to air dry.
To protect: Spray the NEW shoes with a non-toxic waterproof protectant. This simple spray-on process will extend the life of the shoes and make them easier to clean later.

This shoe is not machine washable.


All domestic orders placed by 2pm PST on any business day will ship the same day!
Orders placed on weekends or holidays will ship on the next business day.
Shipping windows may be longer than normal due to high volume within our delivery channels (FedEx, UPS and USPS)

I highly recommend PediPed for stylish sneakers and shoes.My granddaughter loved the pair of Flex Dani silver shimmer stylish shoes.  She is becoming picky with her shoes. She’s 6 and wants to pick out her own clothes and shoes now. When I surprised her with these, I got the biggest hug and she told me “I LOVE THESE”.    They have become her new favorite shoes.  I’m so happy they fit her comfortably. My granddaughter is in a size 1.5 to 2 so the size you would order would be a size 33.

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