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Fix Facebook’s News Feed To See Pages Again

Hey everyone, I don’t know about y’all, but I have liked several blogger pages and brand pages and it seems to me that Facebook doesn’t want us to like so many pages because they are blocked from our newsfeed.   I don’t understand why Facebook thinks they can control what we see and how much of it we see, but that’s how it has been for a long time now.  Anyway, I recently figured out how to fix Facebook’s news feed!

For those who do not know, Facebook has a sorting option called ‘See First’ – it allows you to tell Facebook that you WANT to see a particular page/brand/artist/etc. in your news feed before Facebook’s sorting algorithm buries it.  To make this change to see us or any other pages and friends – go to Modern Day Gramma’s Facebook Page and hover your mouse over the button that says ‘following’.  You’ll see a drop down menu open up and you just need to click the option that says ‘See First’ – that’s it!

You can also go through your pages, and unlike/unfollow pages.  I did this and guess what, after I did it, I started seeing pages I have NOT seen in my newsfeed in what seems like FOREVER, including my own BLOG page! LOL

Interested in this? Here’s how to do it.

First go to your news feed and on the left hand side scroll down to where you see explore and click on pages

Fix Facebook's News Feed

Then you will get to the page that has every page you have liked listed.  Now when I got to this page, it took me almost 3 days to go through all the pages and I noticed pages I didn’t remember liking and I had a few that I couldn’t unlike/unfollow because they were coupon apps that were no longer available.

Fix Facebook's News Feed

If you do not want to view the pages like this you can click on the Review Liked Pages at the top right hand side (shown above) and just click what you want to remove and do it that way, easier, but I like to do it the other way.

Fix Facebook's News Feed

After you have removed the pages you are no longer interested in or do not know how you started following them, refresh your news feed and you should start seeing other pages.  I removed over 100 pages!

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