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Finance Solutions for Financial Help in the New Year.

Are you in debt and need some Finance Solutions to help you budget your money better? I know I can use that in 2020. See I’m getting an inheritance and I may need some financial help in order to make sure that the money is there and not spent on frivolous things.

There’s a leading financial services company providing free information about debt relief programs designed to help consumers achieve payment relief and pay their debts faster. The information and tools provided on their website outline the most common debt relief strategies and are designed to help inform and educate consumers about various debt relief options and strategies to reduce their debt.

They also offer a FREE debt analysis and consultation to evaluate your financial situation and explain various debt relief options that may be available to you. There is no fees charged for this service. fees are paid by the companies to whom they refer their clients.

Finance Solutions offers debt relief options and several different loan options and credit 101.

What Is Credit?
Credit involves a promise to pay in the future for purchases made today. It comes in the form of either a loan or line of credit. A loan typically offers a set term or payment period, a fixed or variable interest rate and set monthly payments. A loan is generally used when credit is extended for a car or home. The full amount is extended at the time the loan is closed.

Finance Solutions understands that each person’s financial situation is unique, and not all consumers will be able to qualify for all programs, nor do all programs suit each situation. They strive to provide a comprehensive, unbiased explanation of the most popular debt relief programs, so our clients can make educated decisions about the type of debt relief programs they select to pay off their debts faster.

How Does Debt Negotiation Work?
You will need professional negotiators that work with credit card companies for this strategic approach to reduce the total amount owed. This process will provide immediate relief, by reducing monthly payments. It will stop collection calls for any debt being negotiated. Typically, it will take two to four years to pay off the negotiated debt at the settled amounts.

Skilled debt negotiators have existing relationships with most credit card companies. This enables them to effectively negotiate terms that the credit card company will accept. Debt negotiators understand the parameters of each company, ensuring you will pay the lowest amount possible and that upon reaching a settlement agreement, the debt will be considered paid in full. The legal paperwork will be drawn up protecting you from any further collection efforts, and eliminates the credit card company’s ability to sell your account to a collection agency.

While debt negotiation is not a one size fits all solution, it can offer immediate relief, reduced monthly payments and a long term solution to build a debt free life. Call Finance Solutions today to see if this is the best option for eliminating your debt.

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