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Fear of Flying vs My First Airplane Flight

Recently I had a battle with myself over my fear of flying vs my first airplane flight

I know there are several people who take planes all the time, but I swore off planes a long, long time ago, before 911 happened. When my mom became ill, I was forced to conquer my fear of flying to go see her. I didn’t want my mom to pass and my not going to see her haunt me because of my fear. It took 2 flights to get to Austin, Texas.

I’m thankful the trip was with my Sister, sister-in-law and my daughter. As we made it into the plane, my daughter had the window seat. It didn’t bother her to look out and take pictures, but when I would look over, I would get that funny feeling (flip flop) in my stomach like I was on an elevator. LOL We were 30,000 feet in the air and there was no time for a panic attack! Thankfully I had my anxiety pills with me if I needed them, but I didn’t take them. What they say about chewing gum, works only sometimes!

Fear of Flying

The 1st flight was better than I thought it was going to be. I was sitting next to this very nice guy and my daughter, he and I talked the entire time we were in the air, which made it easy. He was on his way to see his dad who had alzheimer’s and we were on the way to see my mom who wasn’t in the best of health and has dementia.

Fear of Flying

On our layover, in Houston we had breakfast and not that I’m that cheap, but the idea of paying $14 for eggs just made me not all that hungry, so I ate a bowl of grits and some bacon.

While waiting for the time to board our next plane, we walked what seemed like the entire airport! Let me just tell you I was shocked to see a Victoria Secrets store in an airport! My daughter loves to take selfies, so she took one of us in the bathroom. LOL

Fear of Flying

Then we arrived in Austin and a 30 minute ride later we were at my brother’s house. We went straight over to see my mom as I have not seen my mother since August 2015. When I saw my mom, all my fears went to the side, all the panicking I did over all the talk about not knowing how much longer my mom had, went away! I didn’t see the worse possible, although my mom has changed in the last 3 yrs.

My mom is still very much alive. She’s in a nursing home and she seems to be doing well, with the exception of the dementia. That unfortunately isn’t going so well and I pray I can get there to see her again before it completely takes over and she doesn’t remember me 🙁

We stayed 3 and a half days and had a little fun with the family. Both my great nephew and great niece got married and we finally met their spouses.

The 2 flights back home went well, however on the 2nd flight we were 32,000 feet in the air and my ears did not pop back for 3 days! Like I said the chewing gum and swallowing hard doesn’t work all the time. I really felt like my eardrum was going to bust and all I could do was pray the plane would land without any issues and I could get off and go home and take something for pain, which I did do.

My fear of flying is gone, I know if push came to shove, I would get on another plane. However I still prefer to drive for two reasons, the first is when you drive you get to see all the beautiful scenery and the second is because I couldn’t handle my ears being like they were.

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