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Wonderful True Story of Everybody Loves Grace Books

everybody loves Grace

Christmas time and Santa time are super close. I found a super fun gift for my granddaughter Gracen. She likes to read and she loves stuffed animals (plushies). The everybody loves Grace book series and plush dog is sure to be a hit! It’s a wonderful true story that kids will love, I know my granddaughter will love that the dog is named Grace and I call her that for short of Gracen 🙂
everybody loves Grace

About The Everybody Loves Grace book series

The book series and plush dogs have been a hit with children of all ages, even though they were primarily written for 6-10 year olds. Grace is a super soft, cuddly plush toy with soft black fur, brown eyes, little black nose and her trademark tan eyebrows and red heart collar. They sell for $14.99 on the Everybody Loves Grace website.

everybody loves Grace

  • Book 1: Grace Brings Love to Everyone She Meets
  • Book 2: Grace’s Adventure to the Grand Canyon
  • Book 3: Grace’s Adventure to Texas
  • Book 4: Grace’s Adventure to Utah
  • Book 5: Grace’s Adventure to Pennsylvania
  • Book 6: Grace’s Adventure to Washington, DC

Would make a nice gift for that special child who loves to read and loves plushies 😉

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