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Energizer Lithium Battery Review

Energizer Lithium Battery

It’s Summer and although it’s hot and humid, this is suppose to be the best time to have fun! Yes it sure was when I was younger and my daughter was small! lol It’ was Grilling at the park, walking through the zoo and having friends over to go swimming and grilling by the pool! I have changed since then, I want indoor fun……..parties, whatever, just need AC in 100 degree heat now. No matter where I am or what kind of fun time it may be, my camera and my daughter’s camera are always with us and ready! Needless to say, we go through a ton of batteries, including rechargeable ones!

So, yes I was really excited to hear about Energizer Lithium newest promotion. We use Energizer more than any other brand because they are so reasonably priced and last for a while!

Energizer Lithium wants customers like you and me to have a fantastic summer by helping us stretch our money! That’s where this promotion comes in. When you purchase two packs of specially-marked Energizer® Ultimate Lithium or Energizer® Advanced Lithium batteries, and enter the codes, you can receive a $10 Prepaid Discover® Gas Rewards card by mail! Trust me, it is really that easy!
Energizer Lithium

A Little About Energizer Lithium Batteries:
Lightweight and perform well in extreme temperatures, from -40° F to 140° F (-40° C to 60° C).
Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries last up to 8x longer in digital cameras for up to 8X less waste.
Energizer® Advanced Lithium batteries last up to 4x longer in digital cameras, 20 hours longer in wireless gaming accessories and up to 30% longer in personal audio devices.
Here’s how to get your Prepaid Discover Gas Rewards card:
* Visit www.facebook.com/energizer
* Click on tab for the Lithium Gas Reward, click on register to fill in your mailing info and email address and then input your battery pack codes one at a time.
* A $10 Prepaid Discover® Gas Rewards card will then be mailed to you from the fulfillment company. The reward Card may be redeemed for any merchandise offered by a retailer that accepts Discover, it doesn’t have to be for gas!

The last day to redeem ALL codes is 1/31/12 at 11:59 p.m. EST! There is a limit of one (1) reward card per person/household/e-mail address. Please allow approximately 6–8 weeks for receipt of the Reward Card.

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