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Empty Nest Help for Parents When You Go to College

There comes a time when every kid must leave the nest. For most of us, this happens when we attend college. It’s thrilling, the prospect of being in charge of your life for the first time.

While we’re busy being excited and preparing for college, our parents may be having some mixed emotions regarding the matter, it’s called empty nest syndrome. They’re proud of us, for coming so far, but it’s been studied that parents tend to get sad about it, too. Preparing our parents for our imminent departure can ensure that the experience goes smoothly and is less painful than it has to be for everyone involved.


Start Early

Preparations should start the moment we receive an acceptance letter from the university we wish to attend. Doing so gives our family ample time to work on logistics. Not only that, doing so will help us compose our emotions.

As we all know, time helps people resolve matters. Our parents are aware that we have to leave eventually, but it’s forgettable if it isn’t brought up until the last minute. By making our departure more prominent through early plans, we give them time to wrap their heads around the fact that we’re going away.

Include Them in the Process

Upon reaching our teenage years, many of us try to become more independent. We like to think that we have everything figured out since we’re technically adults at this point. The truth of the matter is that we’re still so inept compared to our parents who know much more than we do.

We have to take advantage of this fact. Instead of snubbing their advice and help, we should embrace both. While we can search things up easily, our parents probably know a lot about most adult things. For instance, instead of racking your brain looking for the best local moving services from Marietta, GA to another state, get help from your parents. It’s likely that they’ll be thrilled to do so.

This is applicable to other matters, like living alone and saving money. Our parents already know what it’s like to live away from their old home, so they’re itching to teach us how to survive as adults. A smart move we can make is heeding their advice, and applying it to our own college experience while making tweaks along the way.

Make Arrangements

It’s easy to get caught in the whirlwind that is college life. This is why it’s important to make arrangements with our parents before we leave, even though schedules are subject to change because of our responsibilities as students.

Still, setting aside some time to check in back home can help fight off the homesickness that college students usually fall prey to. Calling also gives us an opportunity to see how our parents are doing.

At the same time, we can also vent to our parents if need be. College is difficult, and having someone to talk to always helps. They can also give additional advice if ever we run into trouble during our stay. Like a roommate that’s difficult to live with.

University is life-changing, not only for us but for our parents as well. It takes some time to adjust to, which can be made shorter and easier if we do our part to help them cope with the idea of us leaving.

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