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How to Edit Facebook Shortcuts Menu – Bring your Favorites to the Top!

edit facebook shortcuts menu

As everyone knows, FB has taken away the “Favorites” section and changed it to “Shortcuts”.  What a lot of us do not know is How to Edit Facebook Shortcuts Menu.  Last night I was changing up somethings on my Facebook homepage and I removed something from “Pinned to the top of shortcuts” and then I pinned it to the top again and it appeared at the top of my shortcuts! YAY!

edit facebook shortcuts menu

OK so here’s how I did it.  First you have to go through and make a list of which pages/groups you want to pin to the top, and arrange the list according to how you want it. Example: I have my facebook page for the blog and I also have a group I run for bloggers, so I would want those 2 to be at the top! You would think to pin those 1st, but nope, you select what you want at the very top last!

Ok, let’s get started. You have to be on your Facebook homepage. On your left sidebar, hover over where it says “shortcuts” or any of the groups/pages listed and then click on edit.

Edit Facebook Shortcuts Menu

Then remove everything that is “Pinned to the top”. Change it to Sort Automatically.

Edit Facebook Shortcuts Menu

OK here’s the fun part! Get your list, and go to the page of the group/page you want to pin last! This would be a group/page you don’t go to too often so you would want it to be at the bottom of the list. Do not try to unpin and repin in that drop menu above, because it will NOT update what you want at the top. I tried doing that. I found out how to do this last night purely by accident! LOL

These pics are how it works. You have to remember to be on the page or group in order for the selections to work. When you update a page it will tell you about the bookmark, just click OK.

Edit Facebook Shortcuts Menu

I hope this helps everyone update their shortcuts to finally have their favorites in order again!

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  1. It used to be really simple but they updated again and now you’d have to go through this process. I think it’s great though when you’re able to organize the short cuts, makes life easier!

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