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Eco-Friendly Products Little Lamb Dryer Balls And Soap Nuts Review

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Eco-Friendly fans, have you heard of dryer balls or soap nuts?

I never knew anything like this existed until I got the opportunity to review both the dryer balls and the soap nuts. Dryer balls and Soap Nuts are Eco-Friendly products and can be used to wash and dry baby clothes, cloth diapers, etc. Makes a nice baby shower basket filler too!

Eco-Friendly Products

I do laundry twice a week, Monday and Friday. I do anywhere from 2 – 3 loads of laundry on each laundry day. If I have my granddaughter, I have a 4th load and an extra laundry day! We usually get her over the weekend, so I wash her clothes when she’s here if her parents bring them or the day she goes back home I wash what she’s used here.  I have a gas dryer and my bill isn’t cheap!  I have always hoped to find a way to cut drying time to save money on the bill and this is where the dryer balls come in. 🙂

A dryer ball is basically a small wool ball, about the size of a baseball. Wool Dryer Balls – 100% Premium Organic Felt Wool Dryer Balls (Handmade, Eco-friendly, Baby Safe, All – Natural Fabric Softener)

Eco-Friendly Products

How to use the Dryer ball?
If you have a small load, you add 3 balls to the dryer to dry, if you have a larger load, it can take 4-6 balls to dry. Just add the correct amount of balls in the dryer and they will help pull in the moisture so the clothing dries faster. Easy, Peasy! It worked and I was happy I didn’t have to re-dry the clothes. LOL No need for a dryer sheet! Just add a few drops of essential oil on the ball to scent the laundry.

Without hesitation, I used 4 balls in my first dryer load, but I had my doubts about it drying clothes fast, but after it dried that load 15 minutes early, I became a believer.  I found myself using 4 of them in every load and it quickly became clear that they dried the load faster and more efficiently.

Soap Nuts Review:

What are soap nuts?
SoapNuts are actually berries from the Soap Berry Tree. They contain saponin, Mother Nature’s soap! This natural soap is released from the SoapNut when agitated in water.

Eco-Friendly ProductsEco-Friendly Products
At first, I was hesitant to open the bag because it had a stong vinegar smell, but after looking at the FAQ for soap nuts, I found that it is normal for all natural soap to smell like this. SoapNuts have a distinct smell like apple cider vinegar in their natural state. However, once you wash your clothes, they will be fragrance free.

Will my clothes smell like the vinegar smell? NO, they will not.

Are SoapNuts safe for those with sensitive skin or skin disorders?
Yes! SoapNuts are 100% natural and hypoallergenic. They do not contain added chemicals nor fragrances which often irritate people with skin sensitivities.

How to use Soap Nuts:
Add about 6 nuts into the included small cotton bag, crush them up, rinse the bag in hot water for about 5 seconds, and toss it in with the laundry.

So, I added the little baggie of nuts to my washer I have an HE washer so I put it in before adding my clothes. I found no lingering smell after doing 1 load of laundry. There were no loose nut pieces and my laundry came out smelling clean. TI had one issue though, I had to sort through the wet clothes to remove the little bag of nuts so it didn’t accidentally get tossed in the dryer. I wish there was an easier way to find it.

If you are interested in trying the product for yourself, you can find them on Amazon. I’ve even got a few coupon codes to help you save a few $$ 😉 As I mentioned above, these will make a unique baby shower basket filler! Especially if the parents to be are very eco-friendly! 🙂

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*Disclosure* I received all 4 products in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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