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Easy Digital Businesses That You Can Start This Year

The pandemic has shown that digital businesses are the way to the future. Compared to traditional companies, digital companies aren’t affected by temporary closures, quarantines, and health protocols. Additionally, because all transactions happen online, digital businesses can continue to operate during all kinds of disasters. There might be some hiccups and delays when it comes to the delivery of certain items if you’re part of the commerce business, but other transactions with customers stay unaffected. This is the strength of having a digital business during a pandemic. This is why many business owners have started their businesses online.

Marketing Strategy Connting Digital Devices Concept

Digital businesses are growing significantly this year. According to reports, the advantages of digital businesses are limitless. They tend to bemore productive, drive more sales, and are more accessible to consumers. Moreover, the pandemic hassped up the growth of what used to be a niche business structure. Many consumers have resorted to shopping online for their needs because of temporary business closures and quarantine protocols.

After reading all of these things, you might start to wonder how hard it is to start a digital business. Well, compared to starting traditional companies, almost anyone can start a digital business. Here are some easy digital businesses that you can start and grow this year.


The e-commerce industry is abillion-dollar industry that many consumers depend on right now. Many consumers are flocking to these online stores to buy their needs and wants because physical retailers are unavailable to them during the pandemic. This is why right now is the best time to start your e-commerce business.

You might think that it’s hard to start an e-commerce business, that you’re going to need a ridiculous amount of funds for it to work. However, this isn’t the case. You’re not going to pay for significant expenses that traditional retail stores have since you don’t have rent and don’t have employees. Furthermore, because of this, small business loans can cover your expenses for the first few years. Some of your items can also be done on credit.

You can also start a business method known asdropshipping, where you’re technically a middle man for e-commerce transactions. With this method, you’re not going to need funds, just connections to do the transactions for you! You don’t even need a place to stock your merchandise since your merchandiser can store these things for you.

You’re going to have enough time to pay for your starting expenses. All you need is to start your website, and you’re on your way to a successful e-commerce business!

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing industry is one of the most prominent digital markets out there. This particular market rakesbillions of dollars every year, and there is still so much room to grow! Starting it is relatively easy too!

Much like e-commerce businesses, digital marketing businesses don’t have the same problems that physical businesses have. You can technically run your own digital marketing business by yourself! All you need is the ability to work with some internet tools and software. For example, suppose you’re talented withretouching photos for jewelry. and other luxury items. In that case, you can make that your target market.

In some cases, you can even market other marketers out there. Digital marketing is so diverse that you can get clients in all industries. The best part is that you can easily get courses online that can teach you these things.


If you have noticed, services are a big hit in digital businesses. Almost anyone can offer any kind of service online. One of the biggest markets in online services is education. Millions of people right now are trying to learn new skills or harness on talents that they currently have. Whatever skill you have, there’s a chance that someone is looking to learn that particular skill during the pandemic.

The global e-learning market was valued at a staggering $200 billion in 2019. It grew even larger last year because of the lack of access to traditional learning centers. If you were a professor or a teacher years before the pandemic, then this the easiest digital business to start. Your experience will be sought upon by many e-learning corporations. If you want, you can always partner with them. If not, you can choose to start your own e-learning business. If you have no teaching experience before but have experience handling a business, all you need is to find teachers to work for you! There are many easy ways to start an e-learning business with minimal funds and hard work.

Here are three easy digital businesses you can start this year. These digital businesses are cheap and easy to start. Because of the nature of online businesses nowadays, you are guaranteed to succeed in the years to come.

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