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Easy Dessert Recipes for Any Time of the Year

Easy Dessert Recipes

Below are a few easy dessert recipes you can make any time of the year. My granddaughter is all about sweets, if she had her way, she’d eat dessert before dinner. LOL She’s in great health and no caveties, but if you mention dessert, she’s all in the conversation. 😉

Enjoy these easy desserts and if you need anything for baking, have a look at our fun baking supplies post. There are lots more than what’s in the post, however I didn’t want to over run the post with everything Etsy has to offer. 😉

5 Ingredient, Inexpensive, Easy Baked Cinnamon Apples Recipe

Childhood favorite dessert. 5 ingredient easy baked cinnamon apples. Add vanilla ice cream and it’s almost like Apple Pie A LA Mode.

How to Make a Healthy Pineapple Coconut Angel Food Cake

Easy Dessert Recipes

3 ingredient Weight Wathchers Pineapple coconut angel food cake recipe. You only need boxed cake mix, can pineapple and coconut (optional).

Easy Fun to Make Frankenstein Green Pudding Cups Dessert

Easy Dessert Recipes

Easy 3 ingredient fun halloween green pudding cups are perfect for kids, toddlers & adults! Frankenstein Pudding Cups for dessert or a party!

I hope you enjoy these easy dessert recipes. Be sure to check back ever so ofter, I may have a few more posted 😉

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