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Clogged Drains? Try DrainWig! Product Review #holidaygiftguide2015 #stockingstuffers


Have you ever gone in to take a shower or to soak in the tub, pull back the curtains and then yell to your husband that the tub is backed up?  Aggravating isn’t it?  Well, the drain wig is here to help you with that issue!


You see I once had a plumber tell me that using different soaps, shampoos, etc will actually cause the drain to stop up, not to mention hair! YUCK! Yep been on that end of taking hair out the drain and the odor! YUCK!  This is why I jumped at the chance to try Drain Wig! I’ve been seeing it on TV and thought it was something we should try.

My Thoughts:
Say goodbye to your plumber because the drainwig works! I have long hair and our shower was always clogging up because of hair. Now that we are using the DrainWig, that problem is solved. After a couple months, I will just pull it out, throw it away, and replace it with a new one. Easy, Peasy! Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? Why didn’t I think of this!? Anyway, I highly recommend this product! Would make an interesting stocking stuffer! 😉

The concept of Drain Wig is simple: A chain dangles just below the drain and collects hair with its “rubber whiskers” as the hair enters the pipes. After a few months, the unit is pulled up and out, taking the hair with it. It is said to prevent clogs. The drain wig comes in two designs: for the shower and for the bathtub. The bathtub drain wig allows for the stopper to be sealed so that the bathtub doesn’t leak during a bath.


Where did the DrainWig come from?

DrainWig was designed by Jennifer, a 38-year-old mother of five daughters with long hair was tired of drains that constantly clogged! She searched for a solution that would prevent hair clogs – instead of having to call a plumber.  The idea for the DrainWig came when a piece of dental floss accidentally fell into the shower drain. When her husband removed the floss, a big clump of hair came with it.  This was the beginning of the idea for the DrainWig!


(featured above are Jennifer and her 5 daughters!)

How does the DrainWig work?

The product design is a white, plastic flower cap attached to a stainless steel ball-chain fitted with rubber whiskers. The DrainWig is simple and easy to install; just feed the DrainWig through the shower drain cover and wait 3-6 months. As hair enters the drain’s p-trap, it floats and spins on top of the water. The DrainWig’s ball chain and rubber whiskers catch and secure the hair. The tangled hair remains on the chain and out of sight until you are ready to remove the clump of hair. Extract the DrainWig, without removing the drain cover or touching the hair, by pulling the plastic flower cap.  The entangled hair will easily slide out of the drain for quick disposal—no plumber needed!


DrainWig can also be used for bathtubs showers.  First, remove the bathtub drain stopper and keep it in a safe place.  Turn on the water, insert the chain in the bathtub drain and guide the rubber whiskers into the hole letting the water carry the chain down the drain.  The plastic flower cap will lay flush with the drain where the stopper used to be.  *Unfortunately, you cannot use the DrainWig while using a drain stopper to fill the bathtub.  They are currently coming up with a new design to use while bathing.*


Purchase a DrainWig on Amazon.

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