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Dr Troy Sciatica Chiropractic Care

Do you suffer from neck, back or shoulder pain?  What about your vertebral body feeling like it’s out of alignment? Does it feel like it interferes with the nerves going into your legs. This can cause Sciatic pain as well as hip and leg pain. My husband knows all about that pain.  It took him going to the ER for relief due to we don’t have the insurance that covers a chiropractor.

If you live in Vancouver, WA, I would recommend Dr. Troy Dreiling.  He provides chiropractic care for sciatica and offers a free initial consultation where he will explain treatment. The basis of his service is a caring heart and wanting to see that people in pain –  especially avoidable pain – can live the kind of life they envision for themselves by getting the care they need.

Dr. Dreiling is a member of the International Chiropractors Association and has taken his mission to provide optimal chiropractic care outside of his community and into international communities. Dr. Dreiling served as part of a mission team to Panama that provided adjustments for over 1,000,000 people. In addition, he has opened three chiropractic clinics in Romania where safe chiropractic care is now provided for the people of those communities.

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Sciatic is a condition that leads to pain along the path of the sciatic nerve, which is the nerve with the largest diameter in the human body. The nerve branches from the lower back down through the hips and buttocks all the way to the knee. Pain from sciatica typically only affects one side of the body.

The most common causes of sciatica are a herniated disk, bone spur, or narrowing of the spine, which compresses or pinches the sciatic nerve and can lead to inflammation, pain, numbness, tingling, leg weakness, or bowel or bladder changes.

The risk of sciatica increases depending on a number of factors, including age, obesity, mobility, occupation, and diabetes

At times, we are sitting too much, loading the spine and not getting it moving properly. Movement is key to life. Chiropractic adjustments, get the nerves and bones moving helping to prevent arthritis and degenerative pain. If you’re suffering, it can help clear those things out.

Chiropractic treatment is a safe, drug-free, non-surgical option for patients. The objective of chiropractic care is to repair spinal movement. That will progress overall function and lessen your pain and inflammation. The treatment plan designed for you is predicated on the cause of your sciatica. Remember that sciatica is a set of symptoms not a single disorder. Your treatment plan may include a combination of therapies such as spinal adjustments, heat and ice therapy, rehabilitative exercise and more.

If you are suffering from sciatic pain, find out how zenaptic chiropractic may be able to help you by setting up a FREE consultation today. They are committed to advancing the health and well-being of their patients. Call today to learn how they can help you live an active life again!  Zenaptic Chiropractic has been voted Clark County’s top chiropractor for 5 consecutive years! Schedule your free consultation by calling the clinic.




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