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Easy, Inexpensive, DIY Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Looking for the perfect gift to bring to a baby shower?  Follow this tutorial for DIY baby shower gift baskets, the mom to be will truly love this gift a lot!  This post was created because I had  to figure out how to make gift baskets for my daughter’s baby shower. However, you can use this gift basket tutorial for any type of gift basket.

What Type of Basket to Make?

The first step is to determine what type of basket you want to make, baby shower, mother’s day, birthday, retirement, holiday, etc. Then decide on the base for the basket. There are all types of things you can use including a popcorn container, ice bucket or a basket.

For my daughter’s baby shower, I made 4 diy baby shower gift baskets. One was all bath items. One was all feeding and teethers. Another was toys and blankets and the last one was all hospital stuff for my daughter.  You can purchase just about everything from the Dollar Tree and make a very nice inexpensive gift basket.

Now lets get started.

Supplies needed:

  • Base for the basket
  • Everything to include in the basket
  • Newspaper (to push up your gifts)
  • Gift tissue paper
  • Basket wrap


Take newspaper and crumble it up. Place into the basket until there is enough that you can lay stuff on it and it won’t sink. Take the tissue paper and lay it on top, tucking it down between the basket and the newspaper like a blanket. For the hospital basket, I used a plastic tub like thing I got from $Tree that I thought my daughter may find a use for with an infant arriving soon.

Gift Basket

If you have issues with the step above, take the crumbled paper and wrap in tissue. Place it into the basket.

Gift Basket

Take your biggest gift and add it to the basket. I put mine in the center. Taped it to the basket handle so it would stay. Place the item with color in the front of the basket to give it some color. I used a bib in one, a hooded towel in another and socks and sponges in this one. Then add the other items one at a time where you think they will look nice.

 Gift Basket
Gift Basket

After you have all items in the basket, add your basket wrap to cover the basket and a bow.

DIY Baby Shower Gift Basket

Here are my finished DIY Baby Shower Gift Baskets
DIY Baby Shower Gift Basket

DIY Baby Shower Gift Basket

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