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Disney's Frozen You Are My Best Friend Personalized Book


Take your children on an adventure with Anna and Elsa in this personalized book from Disney’s Frozen and Put Me In The Story.

Disney’s Frozen: You Are My Best Friend

Disney's Frozen
Come explore Frozen’s wintry world of magic with your two favorite, fearless sisters!

Become best friends with Anna and Elsa, as they invite you to join them on a snowy adventure! Each sister explains their side of the story to their best friend, YOU! Unleash your powers, let your imagination soar… and remember, “Only true love can thaw a frozen heart.”

Bring your own Frozen fairy tale to life with a personalized storybook about love, loyalty, and more! A bold, beautiful story about friendship, this book lets your child experience the magic of Frozen in an incredibly personal way that will warm your heart.

Personalize this fantastic Frozen adventure with your child’s name, photo, and special message on the dedication page. Your little one will not want to let this book go! Purchase through Put Me In The Story here:

My granddaughter loves looking at the pages and I think she likes the idea of her name being in the book so many times.  It’s on almost every page!  The illustrations are beautifully done!  In my opinion, this book would be a perfect gift for any little girl!

My granddaughter is only 15 months old, and she’s already into wanting someone to read to her.  She brings books to my husband all the time and sits with him while he reads at least 1 or 2 pages and then she’s up and going again! LOL

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