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Digital Marketing: Promoting an E-commerce Store

When the pandemic started, people began shifting to online shopping to avoid getting infected by the virus. So, owners of physical stores started setting up online stores to connect with the customers. But opening an online store does not automatically mean these businesses can easily sell their products and services.

The e-commerce industry is a two-pronged sword since businesses have a bigger market compared to their physical stores. But the competition is also stiff as businesses try to increase their presence online. While owners of physical stores know a lot about offline marketing, online marketing is different.

Business owners should work on driving traffic into their websites to have a bigger chance of and promote their products or services to the visitors of the websites. Here are some ways business owners can promote their e-commerce stores on their own to increase their presence online.

Build and Use an Email List

Business owners should collect email addresses that they can use for an email marketing strategy. The email list should contain current and potential customers who may be interested in their products or services. If the business already has an email list before the pandemic, it can send emails to announce its e-commerce store’s launch.

The email list also provides the business an opportunity to send promotions and offers to the recipients. It can even send referral discounts to its existing customer base will share the website with their family and friends.

Email marketing is a cost-effective way of promoting a new e-commerce website since it does not cost much to send an email. It also a good channel to reach customers who are already interested in the store. A promotion sent through their email address can pay a lot of dividends for the store.

Business owners should collect email addresses whenever they can to continue promoting their store to potential customers.

Optimize the Website

Aside from email marketing, businesses should optimize the website to rank well on search engines. When optimizing the website, business owners should put themselves in the shoes of a consumer. It should provide all the information they need if they’re looking for products the business offers.

The on-page content should also be complete. It should have appropriate names for each product and their corresponding descriptions. Business owners should make sure that content uses natural language while using relevant keywords.

Using meta tags is also important. The meta tags help search engines figure out what is on each page. Aside from meta title, meta descriptions also help in optimizing the website. Meta descriptions provide a summary of what is on the page. Users will see these tags on the search engine results page.

Use Social Media to Increase Traffic

Aside from the website, the business should also set up a social media page. The social media page can increase digital engagement and drive traffic to the website. But to do this, the business owner should make sure to post relevant content on the social media site. The content can include images and videos that engage visitors.

The business can also post images of the product to stimulate the curiosity of potential customers. Business owners can also edit their e-commerce product images to make them look enticing. They can use appropriate hashtags when posting content on their social media pages. Additionally, offering giveaways and promotions can increase engagement among potential customers of the business.

Business owners can also encourage sharing and post user-generated content on their social media pages. Since it takes time to build a strong presence on social media, business owners should frequently post until it has many followers.

Join Online Events

The pandemic compelled people organizations to hold virtual conferences and webinars to prevent the spread of the virus. Some also host virtual trade shows where businesses can showcase their products and services. Businesses can use these online events to increase their online presence. It also allows them to reach new markets that may have potential customers interested in their products and services.

Promote Through the Physical Store

If the business’s physical store is still open, it can use it to increase the traffic to the website through its existing customer base. Business owners can give flyers containing promotion codes that customers can use when purchasing items through their online store.

Business owners can also ask them to sign up to receive promotions through their emails. Engaging its loyal customers is a good way to promote the online store to people who have yet to buy something from the store since these customers are already aware of the quality of the products the business offers.

Promoting an e-commerce business is challenging. But if business owners know what to do, they can enter a huge market that offers unlimited opportunities.

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