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Lamp Angel a Decorative and Reliable Tablelamp

Here’s your answer to unexpected poweroutages! A few months ago we had rolling outages and had no lamps unless they were those booklights. I came across the Inpowered Lights company, amoung their products was an awesome lamp called Lamp Angel.

Lamp Angel Unboxing Video (Not the best, sorry)

I got it together with my husbands help. I wasn’t doing it right LOL

A decorative yet reliable emergency backup lighting lamp. The Lamp Angel has many beneficial features which make it the perfect solution for any power outage!

This tabletop lamp has been great in my bedroom, both for lighting and for all its fun features. I use it when I am working in my bedroom and hubby wants to watch his shows or sports. I love the bottom light, I use that as a night light too! All of their LED lights remain cool and last for over 50,000 hours! Lamp is 16″ Tall and 5″ wide.

Lamp Angel

The lamp comes with a light bulb and remote. It is pretty easy to put together. Please read the instructions for details on how to operate the color change function and how to prepare the lamp for in case you have an emergency.

One of my favorite features of this lamp is the color changing LED lights. You can schedule the light to turn on and off, with your smartphone. If there’s ever a power outage, you can rest easy in knowing the lamp stays on when power goes out. One of the best features is that these lamps charge phones and tablets with no electricity! Yep you read that right!

Angel Lamp

The patented technology means the LED lamp automatically switches on when the power goes out, providing 16-24 hours of light and charging power.

The Lamp Angel also comes with a small remote that you can use for the color changing lamp feature in the base. You can do anything from red strobe lights, flashing blue lights to lights that go from one color to another in a slow fade. Just grab the remote and have fun!

Angel Lamp

Misplaced the remote for the lamp? That’s OK, you can download the app and still have control of the lamp 🙂 As long as you have the emergency switch turned on, the button on the side of the lamp, it will charge and will still automatically come on if there is a poweroutage. The USB power port will charge your phone with or without electricity.

I recommend this lamp for everyone. College kids, housewarming gifts, christmas gifts. I can’t imagine not having one especially if you have hurricanes coming your way like the southern states do every year.

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