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Dear Childhood Me #BehindTheBlogger

Dear Childhood Me

Do you ever wonder if you had a letter from your adult self would you have grown up to be different then you are? Here’s a letter to my childhood me. I hope you enjoy it.

Dear Childhood Me

Dear Childhood Me, There are so many things to tell you, but I think the top three would be: Always remember that you are stronger than you realize. Life will in deed throw some not so great things at you, but you will always bounce back! Your life may not have turned out as you expected it to, but you have a good one and it’s full of love!

I know you sometimes get picked on in school. You’ll grow up to learn that there are bullies everywhere. The things they are telling you and calling you simply are not true. You have acne, big deal! God created you perfectly. You are beautiful! You are the one and only you and you are special just the way you are!

You know those things you say when ever someone asks what you want to be when you grow up? You tell them you want to be a mommy and a singer? Well, guess what? You will get to be those at 17. You’ll also get to be a nurse, a teacher, and lots of other things that go with being a mom and she will be the most precious gift! Enjoy it even though you are a teen – trust me on this – it goes by way too quickly!

You will meet the love of your life 1 month after having your daughter, you will get married after being together 26 years. Your daughter will marry, and have 2 miscarriages (you will feel like the worst mom in the world, because you can’t fix it for your daughter). Happy news – you will become a grandmother when you are 49 yrs old (2 years later) to the most precious baby girl!

You will learn when you are an adult how to work a computer and you will eventually have a blog and it will take you a long time to learn how to make money off it, trust me on this – listen to what everyone is telling you and you will earn more money than you thought!

Friends will come and go. They WILL betray you. You’ll go through times of feeling very hurt and lost. You’ll cry. You will experience the loss of a best friend (ex-boyfriend) and it will hurt. Really hurt. But, you will keep loving! And always remember – when your friends betray you and you feel alone, your family is always there to hear you vent.

Never regret anything! Childhood me, everything that will happen in your life is what made you the person you are today. Your husband is very supportive, however he is very stubborn and although y’all get into it, y’all love each other deeply.

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