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Creative Social Emotional Learning

Creative Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning Kids Books

My granddaughter is learning that reading can be fun if you select the right book. Playstories has some of the best books for kids.  They have Social Emotional Learning Books and they also have Christmas coloring books for FREE download.

Creative Social Emotional Learning

The emotional learning books are written so kids can actually understand their emotions and how to control them. My granddaughter has been having issues with her anxiety, frustration and anger. When I gave these books to her, the first book she read was about anxiety and she told me what she read and that she understood how to handle it now. I was so happy that she read the book all by herself and that the social emotional learning book had helped her.

These playstories books will encourage social emotional learning in a playful and fun way! Through reading, children will identify different emotions and situations that may trigger each feeling. This emotional basis is important to strengthen their self-confidence and self-esteem, which is further stimulated when the child sees themselves as the protagonist of the story.

Emocet® Me-Emotions bracelets

Creative Social Emotional Learning

The Emocet Me-Emotions bracelets give children the opportunity to literally wear their emotions on their sleeves, creating one less excuse to ignore their emotions. Emocet® is designed to remind your child that our emotions are with us every day.

Nourish kids and youth with self-awareness and emotional-wellbeing. Emotions don’t have to be a bad thing.

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