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Cookn' Recipe Organizer Review

I have all kinds of recipes, magazine clipped recipes, recipes written down and given to me by friends and family, and recipes I have printed off the computer or torn off the back of a package!  The problem with having so many recipes is that they are in different folders and not in one area!  Totally unorganized! I needed a recipe organizer!

recipe organizer

Every year for Christmas, I am expected to make certain sweets.  My fudge is a must!  My husband, my daughter and son in law have all told me, “it’s not Christmas without the fudge!”. LOL  So I try to make sure that there is at least 1 batch of fudge every year unless I am sick!  That is when the pouty faces come in cause they know I won’t be making it.

Anyway, I have to take all the folders and look through them to find that fudge recipe for sure and a few other recipes. Since I never know which folder they are  in, it takes me a bit to find them.  I have been thinking it was time to get some organization, but with so many recipes and only me to do what I want in organizing them, I just never did it because it would take way too long! LOL

That’s why I am so glad I got the opportunity to review the Cook’N Recipe Organizer!!  Now I can add my recipes to Cook’N and have them all in one spot!  Plus, it comes with so many delicious recipes!!!

Adding New Recipes is Super Easy!!!!  You just click on New Recipes and Add your own into this easy to use template!!!
recipe organizer

Here are some of the delicious tempting recipes that were preloaded into my Cook’N Recipe Organizer:
recipe organizer

That Applesauce Breakfast cake sounds AWESOME!

Cook’n is the The Easiest Way to:

  • Find the Best Recipes on the Internet
  • Capture and Save Internet Recipes
  • Enter Your Own Personal Recipes
  • Sync Recipes with iPhone, iPad, & Android
  • Print a Family Cookbook
  • Analyze Nutritional Values
  • Make Menus, Shopping Lists & More!
  • Get Free Cookbook with Purchase

With Cook’n you can:

recipe organizer

Add internet recipes into your own electronic cookbooks and chapters

Publish family cookbooks

Menu Plan & make automatic grocery shopping lists

Analyze nutrition

Easily scale recipes for the amount you want to serve

Sync recipes to the iPad, iPhone, or Android

recipe organizer

Cook’n helps eliminate:

Unorganized bookmarks

Scattered & messy recipe printouts

The need to set up several different accounts on recipe websites

Bulky, space-taking cookbooks

Losing treasured family recipes

I could not wait to get all my recipes into my Cook’n! It really has made it so much easier looking for a recipe in one area and NO more folders!

Thanks to the Pitch List and Cook’n for allowing me to review such an awesome product!

Cook’n has offered our readers a special discount!!!  Just head over to Cook’n to order your recipe organizer and use coupon code: mb-PitchList  to save 50% off the purchase price!!!!

Disclaimer: We were provided the Cook’n Recipe Organizer ($99.95 value) in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was exchanged. Our opinion of this product is entirely our own.

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  1. Lots of great options w/this!!! I love that you can meal plan and print out a shopping list. Also, the feature that allows you to adjust your recipe to size!

  2. I like that you can E-Mail Recipes to Family & Friends- – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran…..

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