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Sleep with Comfort and Relax Memory Foam with Cooling Gel Mattress!

comfort and relax memory foam mattress

It’s that time when the baby you love grows into a child and needs a bigger bed. Our granddaughter no longer needs a toddler bed, she needs a twin. That became a where can I find one reasonably priced, or can I get a review. I was so happy to receive a Comfort and Relax Memory Foam with cooling gel mattress for free in exchange for a review.  Thank you E2C!

comfort and relax memory foam mattress

Comfort and Relax is offering a 180 day free trial! That’s right, they are making it easy for you to see if a memory foam with cooling gel mattress is right for you! Comfort and Relax mattress is designed to provide excellent support for all sleep positions including side, back and stomach sleepers.

comfort and relax memory foam mattress
8″ deep layers provide ventilated memory foam top layer which features a breathable, advanced open-cell design to increase circulation and keep you cool. Air can pass freely beneath your body, even when the material contours to your curves. You will sleep more deeply and wake up feeling refreshed.

A 1.5″ Air Channel foam eliminates motion disturbance, so you will sleep right through your partners nighttime tossing and turning. 3rd layer is 5″ High Density Support Base Foam for ultimate support base. Plus technology channel foam with egg shaped embossing pattern + 5″ Polyurethane Supportive Base Foam. You should feel like you are floating on a cloud; No Pressure Points; Deeper Sleep.

comfort and relax memory foam mattress

Antimicrobial outer cover is poly-jacquard fabric with bamboo fiber that ensures you feel cool and comfortable throughout the night. Bamboo fiber is a kind of natural and healthy green material. Bamboo cover has great efficacy of odor neutralization, humidity control, thermo preservation and health keeping. Inner cover is Flame-retardant. This mattress does not contain synthetic or natural latex of any kind. The mattress is efficiently compressed, rolled and shipped in a box conveniently to your door.

Unboxing Video

*Our Impression of the CR Sleep Memory Foam Mattress with Cooling Gel*

Comfort and Relax has different thicknesses, starting from 6″ to 11″, and my not realizing or basically I didn’t look at them I went with the 8″ thickness which is 3 layers of foam and has the feel of a medium to plush mattress. This is a nice mattress.  It’s perfect for our granddaughter, for me it’s a little too soft, but I also have a bad back.  Sitting on it I can do, it’s comfy 🙂

comfort and relax memory foam mattress

I love that it comes with a 20-year warranty, not that we’ll be returning it or anything, she only spends the weekends so we’re good with it lasting!   The twin mattress dimensions are 38″W x 74″D x 8″H. Care instructions: Spot Clean Only.

*Set Up*
As you can see from the video, set up the Comfort & Relax memory foam with cooling gel mattress was a breeze. One of the unique things about mattresses that are shrink wrapped is that not only can it be used on most flat support surfaces, a box spring isn’t necessary to have,  you can put the mattress on the floor and be done with it! You can also see on the video that it didn’t take much time for it to inflate. However, I would wait at least 2 – 4 hours before sitting or laying on it to make sure it’s totally inflated.

comfort and relax memory foam mattress

  • Came via Fedex.
  • Free Shipping on Amazon.

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