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Del Sol Color Changing Fun

Del Sol Color Changing

Have you heard of Del Sol? I had never heard of this company or their color changing line of products until US Family Guide offered a review.  After looking at the site, I thought wow what unique and fun gifts these would make!

Del Sol Color Changing

Del Sol is a Utah-based company that actually has its own chain of retail stores which are popular in resort-type locations like Aruba, Curacao, Jamaica, etc.

So here’s the deal. Del Sol products are designed to change color when you go out in the sun. Talk about messing with someone’s head 😉

My husband got a pair of their sun glasses, he put them on and went outside with them, came back in and told me they didn’t change color and I told him, there was no sun so they wouldn’t change!   Hopefully we’ll have sunny days again sometime soon and we can see everything change color.

I received the sun glasses, nail polish, flip flops and hair accessories to review as a member of US Family Guide, I have not been able to really do the color changing review of it because it has been damp, dreary, cold outside!  However the original colors are great!

I do recommend Del Sol for unique gifts ideas!

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