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Colony Associates: Credit Card Debt and your Health

Let’s talk about Credit Card Debt.  Seriously it happens to all of us.  We all use credit cards to balance out what our checks don’t provide. The tip to having credit cards is to pay it off monthly and if you can’t do that, pay a little more than the monthly payment.  When you find yourself in this situation, it affects you in a negative way.

Everything is going great, you are paying your bills on time including your credit cards and BAM something happens! Weather it’s getting sick, losing your job, etc. You have to decide what is more important to pay, bills or credit cards.  Of course you are going to pay your electric, phone, water, etc.  Credit cards are the LAST on the list when you have things happen to you.

Credit card debt is a situation that no one wants to deal with. However if you do not deal with it, you will find that your debt will affect your health. It causes stress, stress leads to anxiety and depression.

One of the primary health concerns credit card debt causes is extensive stress. It stems from the fact that the balance never seems to go away. Sometimes you may only manage to make the minimum monthly payments. Unfortunately, this will not only extend the life of the credit card debt, but it will also extend the stress.

Unmanageable stress leads to elevated blood pressure readings known as hypertension. This hypertension can serve as a precursor to adverse cardiac events such as heart disease and stroke. If you are looking for potential solutions to solve your Credit Card debt, take a look at the resources Colony Associates has at their disposal.

Anxiety arises from certain triggers such as the constant worry about money and a feeling of hopelessness. Anxiety and stress are linked together, and the longer the debt has a sustainable balance, the longer that these feelings may negatively impact one’s health. Colony Associates have experts in the field to help you.

Financial troubles and depression go hand in hand. When you have high debt numbers, you’ll find your blood pressure will be higher and also cause higher depression and stress rates. Did you know that men and women who had higher risky behavior in regards to their credit have higher rates of depression and are more likely to report depression symptoms.

Depression can affect your ability to perform daily living activities, so you should take advantage of organizations such as Colony Associates that can help you as they prioritize the client through single monthly payments and low interest rates.

My husband and I found ourselves in this situation and we tried to make arrangements with the company to pay, but with my husband being so sick, we could not keep the arrangements we made to pay.  We let the cards go into debt charge off.  It’s not a good feeling to do that, however when you are in that situation, you have to make a choice and our choice was to pay the bills for our home.

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