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Nutcracker Traditions and Pickle Ornaments! #Christmas2017

My daughter since she was about 8 years old fell in love with the Nutcracker and so she wanted a nutcracker. Santa obliged the wish and she got her very 1st nutcracker. She didn’t continue with the collection, however my granddaughter who is 3 seems to be interested, so I’m happy! LOL I like nutcrackers as they are so festive. They add so much whimsy to holiday decor. We got a jump start to our nutcracker collection with a Tryazon and Clever Creations promotion.


To begin our new collection we received a Skiing SantaSnow Queen, and a Chubby Traditional King Nutcracker. Each Clever Creations nutcracker is a solid piece of wood, built for durability. They are designed, painted, and decorated with care for maximum appeal. You can buy a Clever Creations nutcracker with confidence that you’ll receive a lasting, quality product.


Skiing Santa has a coat of glitter paint for a snowy effect.  Snow Queen has a fabulous gown and robe. When my husband opened it, my words at first seeing it was “O MY SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!”  She is my favorite and I know she’ll be my granddaughter’s favorite too! I think our Elf “Snowflake” may make her appearance with the nutcrackers! 🙂
In addition to the gorgeous nutcrackers we also received a set of 3 pickle ornaments in our Tryabox.

The legend of the pickle ornaments has murky origins. I found at least three vastly version of the story. Regardless of the story, or the veracity thereof, the legend of the pickle has become a national tradition.  This legend is new to me, and I will spare you the retelling of the histories of it.  The modern application is simple: place the pickle ornament as the last ornament placed on the tree, and hidden as best as possible. Christmas morning the one who finds the ornament will have good luck in the coming year. This simple tradition can help kids learn to slow down and be observant, paying attention to the ornaments on the tree. It can be a beautiful reminder to all of us that little things are important.

I’m looking forward to introducing this new tradition to my family. My whole family is excited to start our nutcracker collection.

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