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Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair Review

This holiday season is full of many fun family and friends holiday traditions and get togethers. Some of us with new babies, grand-babies or toddlers that are trying out their first “solids.” Deck your table with all the decadent delights and set up the award-winning Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair! The best solution for your sweet little one’s to eat from with their connected vinyl tray and cup holder.

My daughter needed a really good high chair for my grand daughter and I am so happy my blogging friend connected me with the PR rep for the award-winning Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair.  We love this high chair!

The Ciao! Baby portable high chair is a lightweight all-in-one, go-anywhere high chair that folds up in a carrying bag just like a chair you would bring to the park!  Easier to toss in the car to a friend or family member’s house, an outdoor event or you can pack it and take it on the plane!  The tray part is vinyl which is so easy to clean.

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Yesterday I realized just how much my 5 month old grand daughter loves her chair.  She was eating and after she’d take a bite, she’d put her face to the vinyl and try to bite it, well, of course she can’t, but it was so easy to clean up the food that made it off her nose and chin to the tray.   Just look at that adorable face!

Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

The fantastic founders and Mom’s, Kim Strong and Jamye Baker are proud to continue to bring consumers their solution as a must-have parenting and grand-parenting solution coming to the rescue for dining inside or outside all year long. Great for all caregivers to have a functional set-up for meals offering a better solution than the other hook-on chairs. The Portable High Chair is one-of-a-kind and can be set up anywhere without needing a table to clip onto or another chair to position on top of.

Time-saving and transportable, The Portable High Chair was created for babies up to toddlers 3 years old. This user-friendly, no-fuss, freestanding chair with its proprietary flexible seat and tray requires no assembly. With a cup holder built-in and a clear vinyl tray cover, it easily wipes clean and the chair unfolds easily, locks into place and folds up in seconds when parents and their tots are ready to go. Tested and approved to meet ASTM high chair standards.

Consumers can personalize their chair by adding their favorite Collegiate team logos to the chairs (over 45 teams available), they are available in solid colors, as well as a Mossy Oak and Pink Mossy Oak version.  Give as a gift that gives year-round – this go-to solution will absolutely be appreciated putting it to use day to day.

Interested in purchasing one for a baby shower or a new mom who will need it soon? The Ciao Baby Portable High Chair is available at: ThePortableHighChair.com and online from Amazon, Cabelas, Camping World and REI websites and various stores across the USA.

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  1. I never knew anything like this existed! What a great concept. It adds an extra item to carry around, but I think it is very worth it. Think of the money saved on having to purchase an extra high chair for at grandparents house or the germs you can avoid at restaurants.

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