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Stylish, Washable Mask for Christmas

Stylish, adult and kids washable mask that filters 99.9% of virus & bacteria particles

I feel safer wearing a mask with Covid. Instead of a disposable mask, I wear a stylish, washable mask that filters 99.9% of virus & bacteria particles. I wash mine after I use it so I don’t contaminate anything or myself.

Happy Masks was recenty ranked the #1 masks for kids by USA Today. With Happy Masks, you can feel comfortable for hours without compromising on protection. Their masks feature a total of 5 layers, including a 3-ply, sewn-in, nanofiber membrane filter, which has been tested by Nelson Labs to block 99.9%  filtration against viruses, bacteria, pollen, air pollution, and smoke. So these are great when you have an allergy attack!

You can get the perfect fit with the adjustable ear straps and nose wire, while the unique beak shape makes breathing easier and helps prevent maskne. Plus, our masks are reusable for 250 hours on average and washable at least 50x!

Their masks make the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday gift during the COVID-19 Christmas season.  I heard, we could be wearing masks until Summer or beyond that.

kids washable mask

What makes our masks the most recommended by doctors:

99.9% filtration: Five layers of sewn-in protection, including a nanofiber membrane, all work together to block 99.9% of viral and bacterial particles. Over the last 20 years the filters have been perfected and are third-party tested by Nelson Labs USA.

Reusable and washable: Happy Masks are washable for at least 50x and provide 250 hours of protection on average. Most filters are not washable, which is why they need to be sold as separate inserts. Having a sewn-in and wafer-thin filter like ours enables corner-to-corner coverage, and a lightweight and breathable profile.

Better air flow: Our unique “beak” shape keeps the mask away from your nose and mouth, allowing you to breathe easier. No more muffled voices!

Precise fit: Every mask includes adjustable ear straps and a nose wire. We carry a range of sizes that fit everyone from toddlers to adults.

Fun prints: Masks are not just a necessity—they have become an everyday accessory. We print ours in both neutrals and fun colors and prints to appeal to a wide range of ages.

Do you wear a fun stylish, washable mask that filters 99.9% of virus & bacteria particles or do you wear a disposable one?

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