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How To Celebrate A Special Anniversary In Style

Do you have a big anniversary coming up? Are you worried about making it special enough for your significant other? Maybe you did something small last year and want to go all out this year, this is a milestone anniversary, or maybe going all out is just your thing each year. No matter what your reasoning is for celebrating a special anniversary in style, you are in the right place because I want to help! I’ve planned and helped plan many anniversaries, so I would call myself pretty experienced when it comes to celebrating special anniversaries. Here are my best tips that I’ve learned along the way:


Plan A Date Night (Or Week)

The first thing that you need to do in order to celebrate a special anniversary is planning a date night, day, or even week. If this is just any old anniversary, you might want to consider the date day or date night, but if it is a big one, such as 10 years, 20 years, or even more than that, I would highly consider planning a date week…aka a vacation! My absolute favorite thing to do for really special anniversary years is planning a surprise trip for yourself and your significant other. Want to stay somewhere close by? Consider a trip to Tennessee! Places such as Blackberry Mountain are supposed to be absolutely amazing and very romantic. Want to travel somewhere a bit farther, but still within the United States? Consider Napa Valley, or Sonoma County in California. Not only are these locations great, especially if you are wine lovers, but even if you do not like wine or drinking, they are fantastic places to just let loose and relax. Plus, they have amazing food, which is always a great perk, in my opinion. If you want to go out of the country, figure out where you want to go and then make it happen. Places such as Southern France, or wine country in Italy are absolutely amazing and very romantic, just like California. There are so many places to consider!

If you are just planning a date day or night, make sure you plan something special, such as a really fancy dinner. On the Marietta square, there is a restaurant called ‘Spring’ that is fantastic for date nights and special occasions. Maybe throw in going to see a movie, going to play mini golf, or make it a spa day so that you are not just going to dinner.

Verbalize Your Feelings

Day to day life is typically pretty hectic and always ‘go, go, go.’ A lot of the time, we just unfortunately do not get a ton of time to relax with our loved ones and actually verbalize our feelings. This is so sad because verbalizing how we feel and utilizing effective communication within a relationship is so very important. That’s why at least doing it on your anniversary (+ trying to do it on the daily) is a great idea! Tell your loved one how happy you are and how much you love them. In addition to telling them, make sure you try to SHOW them on a daily basis, as well. You can never tell them how much you love them enough, so go for it!

Gift Them With A Special Item

You need a gift for your anniversary, especially if it is a milestone anniversary, right? If it is a milestone year, I know that it can be hard to think about gift ideas because you have already seen and gifted it all. But, I bet I can give you an idea that you have more than likely not thought about yet, and that is a custom-made aluminum plaque. If this sounds like it could be a good idea to you, check out East Point Foundry. Their plaques are hand-crafted by their in-house foundry team, which is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 1948, East Point Foundry has been trusted by major private institutions such as doctors, lawyers, business professionals, and governments alike. Their plaques have marked anniversaries, milestones, lifetime achievements, distinguished local and national monuments, and more. Their goal is to provide you with a completely custom and hand-made plaque, while providing you with very competitive pricing, as well. Since most of their projects are created in-house, this saves you a ton of money and also time on logistics. Your order is their priority and they do not make you wait or deal with unnecessary middle-men. “No project is too big, too small, or too custom.” East Point Foundry enjoys a challenge, but more importantly that you love the end result – your perfect custom plaque to celebrate your anniversary in style.

Throw In A Surprise

And finally, throw in a surprise. Maybe this is throwing a surprise party with your other loved ones like your kids and grandkids, or maybe this is a really close friend or two that live far away. You could also do a surprise trip like I mentioned above, or surprise them in another way that is meaningful to your specific relationship. For example, I once knew a couple that really wanted a kitchen remodel. This was not something that they could swing on just any day, so the wife saved and saved and saved until she could afford it and then surprised her husband with the funds to move forward with their plans on their anniversary. It was so special to them! So, whatever is uniquely important to you and your significant other is a great thing to do on your anniversary is great – it does not have to be traditional.

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