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Bright Starts Hide and Spin Monkey Review

Hide ‘n Spin Monkey

I am so happy to be able to work with some of the best companies around! I wanted a fun toy to give to my granddaughter for her first Christmas. She loves music, bright colors and things that move around. I thought the Hide and Spin Monkey from Bright Start’s Having a Ball Collection would be fun for her to play with and make her laugh.

Hide and Spin Monkey

This is a toy that will grow with your child and help them learn their colors, shapes, and numbers. So, the toy is not only really fun for your child to play with, but it’s educational too! Don’t you just love toys that sneak a little bit of learning in!

Who this is for:

The packaging says 6 – 36 months. My granddaughter is 4 months old and she already loves playing with stuff like this!

Hide and Spin MonkeyHide and Spin MonkeyHide and Spin Monkey

What we love:

We love how bright and colorful the Hide and Spin Monkey is. It keeps her attention because of the lights and sounds. We also love that the monkey counts as the balls go in.  Our granddaughter loves to stand and watch the balls disappear and when she’s sitting she gets all excited watching the balls spin! It’s so cute to watch her arms going like she’s trying to clap! LOL
Hide ‘n Spin Monkey

Hide and Spin Monkey Features:

• Silly monkey sounds, melodies and lights
• Light up buttons introduce baby to shapes and counting
• 2 ways to play: sit or stand
• Drop balls into the barrel, press nose and the monkey hides
• Drop balls into the hat, and the monkey counts and peeks out
• Leaf gates control ball-chasing fun
• Balls spin and roll
• Includes 4 AA batteries
• Includes 5 balls

Buy It:

You can buy the Hide and Spin Monkey at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Toys R Us.

Connect with Bright Starts:


You can find out your baby’s B.L.I. (baby laugh index) and enter their contest here.

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