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Beautiful Bows for every Occasion

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue, Wrap your presents to your darling from you. Don’t forget the beautiful decorative bows on top of those gifts. I love to wrap my presents in the most beautiful paper and I try to make the bows just as special as the paper. I always try to make my own bows, and they never come out right. Introducing the Bowdabra mini! I just want to know where it was when I was making all the bouquets, boutineers and corsages for my daughter’s wedding 9 years ago!

What is a Bowdabra?

A crafting tool specifically designed to simplify the process of making decorative bows.
Beautiful Decorative Bows

What’s in the box?

Bowdabra device with Bowdabra wand
Instruction booklets in English, Spanish and French
VIP membership card with website link and code
They also included 50-feet of silver bow wire – this is not typically included

Hardware specs

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 x 5.6 inches
Weight: 6 ounces

Design and features

The Bowdabra makes it easy to make beautiful decorative bows for gift wrapping, hair bows, crafts, etc. Holding everything together so you can make that bow is challenging. Trust me I had that issue 9 years ago and I had to get everything together, hold it down in place with my knees and tie! This is where the Bowdabra saves the day.

The two towers of the Bowdabra are designed to hold the bow wire lengthwise and the bow-making material widthwise. The wire would go from left to right and the bow material would go between the two towers. One of the towers is spring-loaded, allowing it to both hold material in-place while expanding as needed to allow thicker material like cloth ribbon and stick-attached decorations to be used.

Silent Video of how I made my bow.

I love this and the idea of being able to make elaborate bows for many things. My plans are to perfect making beautiful bows before next Christmas. This way, Gracen and I can make wreaths for her teachers for Christmas 2020 gifts.

Remember I only post what I like (instead of Oprah’s favorite things) It’s “Grandma’s Favorite Things” ;).

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