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I was asked by VocalPoint to try out the Bounce Dryer Bar in Outdoor Fresh Scent.

The Bounce dryer bar is very easy to use. You take the bar out the box, peel the backing off and stick it to the drum of the dryer. The bar is suppose to last 2 months. I’ve been using the bar about a month now. I waited for my dryer sheets to run out, so I wouldn’t toss one in with the Bounce Bar.

There are a few things to point out:

A) it’s in there for all loads, so if you are drying any flame resistant kids clothing, or cloth diapers and inserts, you’ll ruin them. Same thing goes for microfiber towels. You’ll have to line dry them.

B) if you do separate loads because of some family members having skin issues, again, you’re stuck with it in there.

I guess you could try to slide the insert in and out for the loads, but it might break.

I have washed and dried everything (bedding, towels, clothing). I love the clean fresh smell everything has. When I go to sleep, I smell the fresh clean in the bedding and it just makes me smile to know that my bedding is so fresh and clean. I don’t really smell that fresh clean smell on the towels, but that’s ok, they don’t stink and they’re still soft and cozy towels!

My Likes:

  • There is no static cling at all! I really love the fact that I can pull my laundry out the dryer without fighting the static on them.
  • Clean Fresh Smelling Clothes
  • Don’t have to remember to add a fabric sheet
  • If I run out of liquid fab softener, no worries Bounce is in the dryer.
  • Makes doing the laundry a little more easier and not so much of a pain.


Would I recommend it? Yes I would. If you forget to add a fabric softener, be it liquid or a sheet, to your wash, the new Bounce Dryer Bar might be the answer to your problem. It’s pretty much a stick it and forget it answer for a few months. The Bounce Dryer Bar runs about $5.99, which is pretty good compared to most fabric softeners (taking into account the two months supply)

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