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Boulder Canyon Thanksgiving Flavored Potato Chips as a Side Dish! #AD #Thanksgiving2017

Thanksgiving Flavored Potato Chips

Have you ever just thought about trying those chips that sound weird and you swear you would never try them? Well, being a product review blogger, you are offered a lot of products to try and at times I am so very happy about that. Why you ask? Well, I get to try things like these chips that I would not normally buy! I recently had the pleasure to try the Boulder Canyon Thanksgiving flavored potato chips and I have to tell you, they were surprisingly awesome!

Thanksgiving Flavored Chips

By the way, Boulder Canyon chips are not available everywhere and, if your store does carry them, you will probably miss their bags of chips nestled somewhere between other chips. My husband found them, but he didn’t find the Turkey and Gravy ones and he had a pouty face! LOL Now we are on the hunt to find them!

Mmmm, there’s no other chip that compares to the delicious flavors of roasted turkey drizzled with gravy in a potato chip! We’re talking sage, thyme, rosemary, and the juiciest turkey you can imagine, all packed into these wonderful chips! You can enjoy this Boulder Canyon Thanksgiving Flavored Potato Chips with lunch or dinner, or as a stand alone snack! Trust me, you’re going to be thankful you tried this flavor!

Thanksgiving Flavored Potato Chips

After I tried the Turkey and Gravy chips, I wanted a nice hot turkey sandwich with gravy and those chips on the side! However, I settled for a Ham and Cheese with spicy mustard sandwich instead.

Oh don’t worry, Boulder didn’t forget the rest of the feast!

For a limited time you can get their kettle cooked potato chips that taste like stuffing! Grab some of your Turkey and Gravy chips and mix with some of the Stuffing flavored ones, and you have a good part of a turkey dinner covered!

I don’t know why, but I love cranberries! I think that has to do with my working at a place that had Orange/Cranberry muffins, or maybe it’s because my mother had it on the table every holiday, but whatever the reason it’s a staple on my holiday table as well! Now you can get it in a chip! 🙂 Boulder Canyon knows how important cranberry is to Thanksgiving, so they made kettle cooked chips in this flavor too!

No, you are not reading that wrong! Boulder Canyon went there. They somehow took the creamy, spicy goodness of a pumpkin pie, and packed it into their kettle cooked potato chips. Just think, by buying all 4 Boulder Canyon Thanksgiving Flavored Potato Chips, you can enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner right now!

Thanksgiving Flavored Potato Chips

The pumpkin pie chips, were great on the side of a ham sandwich! You have to pair these chips with what they will taste good with and you will have an awesome meal! These chips are not salty at all, at least they didn’t taste salty to me and pumpkin is an ingredient.

Now I have to know, after hearing about these 4 thanksgiving flavored potato chips, which flavor(s) are you looking forward to trying?

To get your hands on all of these tasty and limited flavors, head to their website. (I also found them on Amazon.) You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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