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Blue Light (HEV) Glasses Screen Time Eye Protection

Have you ever found yourself tired and irritable during the workday?  Come on you know that answer is yes! If you work on a computer or are in front of a screen most of the day!  I’m about to tell you something that will blow your mind!  Sitting for long hours staring at your computer screen, can leave you tense, unfocused and sometimes with a pounding headache. This could be caused by blue light.

Now you might think you know what caused your headache, however it’s also from High Energy Visible (HEV) light. Sounds pretty innocent, but without using some kind of  blocker, it’s actually pretty bad for all  of us.

Blue Light

Everyone knows the dangers of UV light and most choose to stay indoors and out of the sun watching Netflix or playing video games. You are not safe from blue light by staying indoor. We are all also exposed to “unnatural” blue light from our smartphones, TVs, computer screens, and artificial lighting.

These ProSpek computer glasses are a great gift because they protect eyes from harmful blue light emitted from digital devices and their high-quality frames come in many styles suitable for kids, women, men and generally everyone who spends time in front of screens (TV, computers, iPads, phones…). They offer non-prescription, prescription glasses, and readers.

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I tried mine on  while watching TV and it was so clear!  There was no light in my eyes. My head felt a lot better.  I get a headache all the time. I thought I was doing good by taking a break. and watching an hour show, then get back on the computer. Never knew anything about blue light.  ProSpek glasses are highly recommended.  I have a pair for my granddaughter because she is now getting into her tablet, once she’s on it for a while, she will be taking a break to go outside or she will have the glasses on if she’ll keep them on LOL
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