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Blankz Creative Play Toy Review

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BLANKZ Creative Play Toy Review!

Creative Play Toy

BlankZ® is a new line of white stuffed toy animals that you can color with washable markers!  This is a perfect toy for kids who love to be creative in coloring!  Why?  Because these cute stuffed animals are MACHINE WASHABLE!! YAY!!  Now your kids can be as creative with this stuffed toy as often as you do the laundry! LOL  Blankz are also educational toys, which teach exploration, confidence, and decision making.

A Blankz set includes:
1 Plush toy, 5 markers, and a blankdrop card!

  • If the marker gets on your child’s hands or clothes, it’s fine because the marker ink washes off. I used DAWN dish detergent to wash my hands and it came right off!
  • Wash the colored plush toy with your regular bright colored load of laundry
  • Blankz is soft to the touch and cuddly.
  • Blankz was also awarded the 2012 CREATIVE PLAY TOY OF THE YEAR AWARD from Creative Child Magazine.

My husband and I had so much fun decorating our little bunny!
I did the whiskers,ears and the “I ♥ U” hubby did the Feet, eyes, and nose!
I think it came out cute
Not bad for adults! 😉

Creative Play Toy

Disclosure: We were provided the Blankz Creative Play Stuffed Animal  ($15 value) mentioned above in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was exchanged and our opinion of this product is entirely our own. 

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  1. This is just the coolest toy ever! My son loved his, so I think I might have to get him another one at Christmas time to double up the fun!

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