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#BehindTheBlogger: Now We’re Getting Somewhere

now we're getting somewhere

I’m in a writing blogger hop called Behind the Blogger and this prompt is called “Now We’re Getting Somewhere”.  I didn’t really know what to right about at first, but my daughter solved that for me 🙂

My daughter is in her 30’s always wanted to learn how to drive, but never followed through.  Now that she’s a mom, and her daughter is 2 and a half, she decided that it was time!  She took the initiative and took driving lessons!

Did you know that for an adult it is only required for you to have 6 hours in a class room and 8 hours on the road to get a license?  I was floored by this! I mean, who can learn everything they need to know in 8 hours (2 days) of driving lessons?  Well she finished her lessons and got her license, but she needs work on turning and parking.

She drove around the entire weekend with her husband to get practice. For Halloween, she was the driver during the day.  She came and picked me up and her driving is better than it was the day she got it.

Congrats to my daughter for doing what she’s always wanted and now has the freedom to go where she wants when she wants! Now We’re Getting Somewhere!

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