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#BehindtheBlogger That’s Life, LET It Go!

Behindtheblogger Let It Go

Hi, welcome to another #behindtheblogger post. This week I am writing about things that I tell myself to “Let It Go”. As we get older, we learn about life, relationships, family and a lot more about the world.

This past weekend, I realized that I am getting older and need to start taking steps to keep my face looking younger. LOL Yea I know we all get older and I won’t tell you my age, but I consider myself a young grandma and getting old wasn’t in the picture. 😉 The fist thing I did was search my reviews for skin products! LOL I found an Olay Regenerist Cream review from 2013 and a RapidLash review from 2015. So I know what I need to do. What did I do when I realized I am getting OLDER, I told my self to “Let it Go” because that’s life and I can’t change it.


Relationships are hard.  You have your ups and your downs, your happy moments and your sad moments.  My husband and I are solid. Don’t get me wrong, we do get into arguments and at times it’s just so hard to “Let it Go” when I am so upset.  Sometimes I end up throwing a throw pillow down the hall to get my anger out! Isn’t that why they are called “Throw Pillows”? LOL

There are several things I have had to tell myself just LET it go!  Sometimes Gramma’s Views aren’t necessary the views my family needs on certain things. 😉  My daughter is a wonderful mom and she is finding her own way on things in raising her daughter. However, sometimes Gramma is asked for advice and it is at times listened to. 🙂

The World
Here are the things that infuriate me in the world we are now living in and our young kids are growing up in!  Kids dying in HOT cars?  POLITICS – Voting in a new president, are we ready to do that?  World Hunger?  Police officers getting ambushed for no reason?  Hatred – Black VS White, ALL lives matter!

Why should we let it go? Because there is nothing we can do about these things.
The excuses parents use for leaving a child in a HOT car “I Forgot” or “I was just running into the store for a minute”, I don’t believe any one of them!
Politics, are we ready for a millionaire or a woman to be our next president? 
Do you know how many hungry people are in the world or even in your own neighborhood? Why isn’t there HELP for the hunger, especially here in the US? Food banks are great, but the amount of food they give out isn’t really something that will last a month!
There is SO MUCH Hatred in the world right now, why can’t we let go of the past? We can’t change what our ancestors did, but we can certainly change the future by not bringing up the past and letting it stay there!

I don’t have any of the answers to the above questions, but I hope we can start working on the answers and start letting things go!

What in your life do you say Let it go to?

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