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How to be a Product Reviewer and Get Product to Review

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Why did I Start Blogging?

I have been asked how did I get started blogging and reviewing products several times. I’ve also been asked how do I get so many products to review. Here are the answers and more.

I began sharing information and items that you could get in the mail for free in 2001!  In 2008 blogging was the “in thing”, so I started one. In 2009 I became a Product Reviewer.

Everything started in 2001 when I was just learning about the internet and computers. I would Google all sorts of stuff and I don’t remember why, but I Googled freebies. I found a lot that I could sign up for and all of a sudden I had stuff coming to the house that I didn’t pay a dime for!  A friend who also posted freebies told me I should start a website, so I did. I’ve been at it ever since.

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How to be a product reviewer/influencer

Always Be honest! People who read your blog are looking for you to tell the truth about a product. A perfect review is a phony review! If you review a cake and it’s a little dry, say that it wasn’t as moist as you would have liked it to be. Was the cake too sweet? Say it was too sweet for you, but your readers may enjoy it.

Was the product difficult to work or was it broken when it arrived? Contact the company and let them know what the issue was and ask if they still want a write up on the item. You may be able to turn that into a paid post and charge them for your time. Remember, bloggers have a reputation, so don’t write a positive review if you didn’t have a good experience with a product.

Rule of thumb for product reviewers, NEVER ask a company for a product to review that you don’t need or want to try. I can’t eat anything with jalapeno in it, so why would I want to review anything with that pepper family? Remember your personal and blogging reputation is at stake and nine times out of ten, it will come back to haunt you.

Use your own voice when writing a review on a product or a place.  Remember your followers look to you for advice on products they may be interested in buying.  Always include a disclosure statement, this is required by FTC regulations.

How to get product to review:

Search for a companies Media contact or Press Release. I searched Malibu Beer Media Contact and I got a PRESS Release from PR NEWSWIRE which had the contact in it.

Connect and work with an agency.
Tomoson | US Family Guide |PitchRate | PR NewsWire (you don’t have to have these press releases sent to your email | HARO – bloggers sign up under Journalist and your alexa score must be below 1 million | Bloggy Moms | Brand Backer. These are just a few there are more, just google How to get free products to review.

The #1 agency I receive a lot of press releases from is Cision. Search google for PR agencies and use their contact page to ask to be put on their press release mailing list. For instance you can contact True Point Agency | Ketchum (scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Media Inquires | ChizComm.

Reach out to brands directly. If there’s a product or service that you use, you may be able to become a Brand Ambassador, all it takes is the initiative to contact them. In today’s world, most brands and companies understand that blog posts and well written reviews are powerful. It cost them less to pay a blogger to write a review than it does to post an ad in the paper, so put together a Media Kit and start contacting them.

Join Facebook groups that will help. Yes there are a few groups where bloggers get together and share contacts. You can use Czars for HGG. I have a must be active, must share information group. You must share either the contact, the company name or the site so group members can search for the contact. If you are interested in joining, contact me on facebook. These groups are for BLOGGERS ONLY.

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