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Because I Love You #BehindTheBlogger

Everything I do, I do it because I love you!

Dear Gracen,
It is that time of year, when everyone is waiting for Santa Claus, listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies and decorating the tree! What a fun time for us all! To hear you say you want this and that from Santa is great! However, I want you to know that everything Grampa has done for you, he did it because he loves you, just as everything I have done and will do is because I love you too!

Because I Love You

See just as you believe in Santa Claus, you will soon learn as you get older that Santa is not a human. He is a mystical being and as long as you believe in the spirit of Christmas, Santa will always be in your heart!

What grama and grampa have done since your mommy was born is play Santa Claus, but we didn’t realize when we got older, just how great of a feeling it would be to play Santa for our grandchild. It’s so cute how you point at the TV and say “I want it, Santa Claus”! LOL

We are so blessed to have you as our granddaughter and we are head over heals for you! You bring out the joy in all of us. You make us want to do the crazy stuff we do when we are with you. We all act like kids again and that is such a fantastic feeling! LOL

Because I Love You
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